One step at a time

I’m sure a vast majority of us want to exercise more and be fitter. Exercise has so many benefits, from helping with weight loss, producing endorphins and helping with mental health issues and just generally promoting good health, it is brilliant. So why do we find it so hard?

I blame human nature. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

I’d love to go out tomorrow and be able to run. Not a marathon. Not a half marathon. Not even a park run of 5k. I’d just love to be able to run any distance. Due to my health and weight, that’s not going to happen. The annoying thing though is that although I’ve never been an athlete (and am never going to be) I used to be a lot fitter.

I know that for this to happen again, I have to take a step in the right direction. Setting myself up to fail or for pain by going out tomorrow and walking 26 miles or spending hours in the gym and breaking myself is going to do nothing for my motivation and encouragement. I have to start slowly, no matter how frustrating that might be. I will start with walking more – even just as simple as parking in the furthest space in a car park rather than the closest. Maybe getting off the bus a stop earlier. Taking the stairs rather than the lift. These baby steps will all add up and set you up for progressing in the right direction. Who knows, you and I might both end up addicted to exercise and be runningĀ  a marathon together next year. We also might still hate it and still be struggling to walk places – but if we take that baby step, we are still further ahead than we were yesterday, and our progress will continue tomorrow.

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